After 13 years as a drummer in influential Norwegian indie darlings Razika, the time has finally come for Embla Karidotter to embark on her solo project – moving from behind the drum-kit to center stage. Embracing her life-long affection for country and americana music, she assembled her red-hot backing band the Karidotters and started recording demos.

The star-studded Karidotters include Marie Moe (Razika, Slomosa) on bass, Nils Jørgen Nilsen (Honningbarna, The Needs) on drums and Simen Følstad Nilsen (Aiming for Enrike) on lap steel. Having been in the comfort of a band situation for all of your adult life, it can seem daunting to venture out on your own, but that won’t be an issue surrounded by players like these. Throw celebrated producer Matias Téllez (boy pablo, girl in red, Sondre Lerche, Razika) into the mix, and you’re left with a real strong clique.